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Lots of my clients are busy with building their professional network via through Linkedin or see themselves as the influencer of tomorrow. They are growing their followers and building up the likes by creating great content and messaging new followers. But the key for to creating good content lies at the consumer of the content.

Ask yourself these simple questions: Is it short, or long enough? Does your message carry any importance? What value are you offering the user when watching, reading or interacting with your content? What is the “extra” you are bringing them besides all the others who are creating content?

Answering all of the questions might a bit much for one blog entry. Instead let’s start with the first step, is it short, or long enough? Therefore we create “snackable content”. This type of content is ready to be consumed at any point or anywhere. It is made for the consumer and it is made to add value to their day.

These are my 5 tips for creating snackable content:

Tip 1: Make a teaser or an intro so the media consumer can see in seconds what they can expect in the rest of the video. (Make the teaser short, a maximum of 15 secs is great!)

Tip 2: Delivering great content means that you need to invest time and effort in building great content. People can see when you’ve rushed the video. Quality over quantity!

Tip 3: Audio.. Audio is one of the most important things for creating a great snackable video. If your audio isn’t great, don’t publish it! Take your time to record great audio. For example you can use a lavalier mic with a handheld recorder like the Zoom H1(n). This will boost your quality.

Tip 4: Lightning. Try to create a setup for yourself where you feel comfortable and where you can work with as much light as you can get. If you can’t find any natural light try to add some softboxes or try to bounce the natural light via a reflector. Just try things and improve every time you record.

Tip 5: Don’t waste content! If you created a nice short video you feel a bit proud. I know, that’s just normal. I do the same.. but don’t waste your content by spamming it into the public. Try to work with a content planning so you can be consistent in the output and quality!

These are the 5 tips for Snackable Content. Good luck and keep on shooting!