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When the new iPhone XS Max was announced I pre-ordered the phone via our local telecom provider. The first batched was sold out in less then minutes so I needed to wait a couple of days for mine to be delivered. Now, I think 5 weeks later I got the phone and I need the say, this is probably the best and biggest phone I’ve had before. The screen is absolutely amazing and the camera is great! It feels like I am having my Sony A7 iii in my pocket all day! I’ve been using the camera with my new Feiyutech Vimble for the balance and stabalization and the results can be seen on my instagram.

So.. the last couple of weeks I’ve been using the iPhone XS Max as my daily driver and I’ve been using a couple of apps in particular. Here is the list of app’s I’ve been using and a short summary of the app.

#1 – Spark, the smart e-mail client!
Spark is by far one of the most intuitive e-mail apps I’ve used in the last years. With the smart inbox function Spark sorts all the e-mail in just a blink of an eye. So when you have the smart inbox function toggled you will see 3 tabs in the app. The first you will see is the Personal tab, here you can find mails that are personally send to you, and most likely to no other people.

The second tab is the tab “notifications”. This is the place where you can find the notifications about orders you did online or when someone sends you a new message on Facebook or liked your reaction at Twitter.

The third and final tab I’ll talk about is the next best thing. It is called “newletters” and it will sort all newsletters from your mailbox and gives it a special place (right at the bottom!). You can mark them al as read with just a simple click and start going on with the things that matters.

This is just one thing Spark has to offer you! Take a look at Spark and try it yourself.

#2 – Headspace, clears your mind.
Start your day with a clear and focussed mind with Headspace! I am using this app every morning to start my day focussed and relieved from all the stress the day before brought me. It is a really nice way to start with meditating and it will help you controlling your breath. It is a paid subscription but you can cancel it anytime you need.
I hope that one day Headspace will add some coaching features to help you become more relaxed and calm.

#3 – Halide, take photos like a pro
As a photographer I am asking a bit more from my daily Phone as any other person will do. I want to control the aperture, diafragma, want to change the ISO and maybe even want to change the White Balance. But with Halide all this is possible and it only cost you around €9,-. So… for less then 10 euro’s you have an amazing camera sitting in your pocket for everyday use. Because let’s be honest, the best camera is the one you are carrying with you at the moment something beautiful happens!

#4 ToDoist – Keep things on track
I am a bit of a chaotic person and I am always forgetting important stuff but remember the stupid things in life. In my everyday live I am trying to be as organised as I can be and that’s why I use ToDoist as my daily to do list. With this app I can keep track of the important things and set reminders (premium) for the things I really can’t afford to forget. You can also set reminders based on locations or actions. So when you leave the house ToDoist will remind you of taking your online order to return to the postal office. The premium subscription will cost you €3,- a month but it will help you get track of the important stuff in life!

#5 AudibleConsuming books 2.0
At the start of 2018 I set myself a goal. That goals was pretty simple, I really needed to read 12 books a year. But there was a small problem. I don’t like reading books at all. I think it’s boring, I can’t keep myself concentrated and I’ll allways gets interupted when I’m trying to read!
But now when I’ve found out what Audible is I can read (Ok.. listen) books everyday. I listen to books when I drive my car to work, when I work out or just when I am writing blogs like this. I really enjoy reading books now, or should I say: consuming books?

You can also start consuming books for only $14,95,- a month. This subscription will let you purchase one audio book a month. If you stop the subscription you can still listen to the books you’ve purchased before with no additional charge.

This is my list of the best 5 iPhone apps for me, hope you liked it and see you soon!

PS: This is my honest opinion and I’ve not been payed to write this.